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The style of technology has no doubt become as important as its functions, something that has resulted to the same technology making a significant mark in the fashion world. With manufacturers competing to produce various designs of these gadgets to meet the varied tastes of their customers, many cool and fashionable gadget accessories have been introduced. Customers have found themselves spoilt for choice on what to choose because there is simply something for every taste. Most people today are often times connected to their gadgets in most of the things they do such as:

  • Listening to music
  • Following the latest news on social media
  • Taking pictures
  • Checking mail
  • Calling friends
  • Finding directions and so on.

In the fashion circles, it is now common to see various technology gadget accessories used in fashion shows, photographed in street style and on the runways too. You can also see people accessorizing them in their everyday wear, whether going to work, on a casual weekend and even when going to parties. More fashionable tech gadget accessories are being introduced into the market to enable the users to dress up their useful gadgets just in the same way that they dress up themselves. This is great news for the modern day fashion enthusiasts. Some of these accessories include:

casesStylish Phone Cases

These have been very popular for several years now and have made carrying a phone in the hand stylish. They are very trendy looking and available in all sorts of colors and patterns to match whatever outfit one intends to wear. There are many designs available, from the trendy girly-looking ones to the sleek, cool or colorful ones. Uunique London offers such phone cases, they are not only lovely fashion accessories but they also double as clutches and wallets.

tech glassesAwesome Geeky Glasses

It is possible to be a trendy geek with these sunglasses that resulted from a partnership with tech giant Google and Diane von Furstenburg. They are the ideal glasses for any geeky but fashion-forward woman. They can be worn with various outfits to achieve that enviable fashionable look. Having a pair definitely sets you apart from majority who opt for the usual commonly worn geek glasses.

fun usb drivesFun USB Drives

The days of carrying around a USB key for your file sharing needs are gone. You can carry around your USB key in style and with a sparkly-looking USB key bracelet. You can still look great and at the same time enjoy what the gadget has to offer. There are various types of bejeweled USB drives that come in the form of necklaces, bracelets, keychains and so on, to enable you store your important data in style.

The Wrist Phone

It is now possible to carry your phone in the wrist, thanks to the smart wrist phone. You can look cool, enjoy yourself in a party without having to carry around your phone, because it will simply be attached on your wrist. You can then check your messages and reply to them, check notifications on your social media accounts, all in comfort and without hassle.

audio clutchAn Audio Clutch

This gadget from Stelle Audio is a very convenient clutch that comes with a set of inbuilt speakers. They are perfect for travel, party time and just about any other time that you feel you need them. You can listen to great sounding music because most of them come with bejeweled earphones to give you a better experience. This gadget accessory can look awesome when paired with the right outfit, carry it to parties and you never know when the music will go off and you might need to turn to this amazing audio clutch for entertainment.

Gadget Jewellery

There is now a wide array of gorgeous pieces such as a trendy watch that can also work as a mini phone and several types of Bluetooth-enhanced necklaces , bracelets and watches. Most of these jewellery can also show alerts and notifications and some are also equipped with the technology to enable you find your phone when it gets lost. They are absolutely perfect for those crazy drunken night outs where you are likely to misplace your phone. They can also be very useful when you misplace your phone at home or in the office.

Tablet Cases

These are also very convenient for housing your precious tablet. Like the phone cases, they come in all sorts of colors and patterns from gorgeous flowery prints, animal prints or a cool sleek design if you prefer. They make good fashion accessories and can perfectly compliment most outfits. Most of them are affordable and durable which allows you to use them for many years.

Camera Sunglasses

If you prefer not to draw attention to yourself when taking photos or video especially in areas where its prohibited consider camera sunglasses. You can look casual and cool with one of these camera sunglasses. They will allow you to record clear images of events or scenery and all you have to do is look. If you are a fashionable spy geek, or an investigative journalist then this gadget is perfect for you.

Tech gadget manufacturers have realized that the users need more than just the functionality of these tech gadgets. This is why they have gone an extra mile to introduce the gadget accessories to provide a better user experience and also meet the fashion needs of the fashion conscious. Carrying a gadget around when one is dressed up for an occasion doesn’t have to seem out of place anymore. Many can wear or comfortably carry these gadgets without having to ruin their overall fashion look.

They come at affordable prices and with many tech manufacturers out to impress, most of them are actually of great quality and totally worth buying. They are simply perfect for making some kind of modern fashion statement. So if you want to stand out, look cool and fashionable, buying several of these gadget accessories is one way to achieve that. Always go for the trusted brand that has been in the business for years to guarantee quality and avoid being disappointed. These gadgets no doubt make life easier and more exciting, therefore accessorizing with them is one way of recognizing their value.

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For many people, their mobile phones are their lifeline to the outside world. They allow them to communicate with friends and family, and could be essential for the running of their business. Therefore, a damaged or broken phone could have a significant impact on their business or social life. Protecting it from scratches, scuffs, and other damage could save you money on expensive repairs, as well as a lot of hassle. However, with so many different protective cases on the market, it can be difficult to know the best product for you. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right phone case design, including the material used to manufacture the case, as well as the durability and strength. Here are some tips on how to choose the best phone case depending on your circumstances.

1. Plastic cases

The most common type of phone covers are usually manufactured from plastic, and these can be found in department stores, supermarkets, and from a plethora of retailers online. Sometimes they come available with clip-on or belt-holsters to attach your phone to your trousers. This makes it easier to access your phone when you need it most.

  • Plastic cases are effective in keeping your phone safe and secure, and will protect your device from minor scratches and damage.
  • They are cheap to purchase and come in a wide range of different designs and colors. Some have motives or logos on the fascia, whilst others may include landscapes, patterns, geometric shapes, animals, or even celebrities incorporated into the design. You will be able to choose a mobile case that best reflects your personality and lifestyle.

When choosing a phone case, a price comparison website will enable you to find the best deals by comparing a number of different retailers all on one page. This could save you a lot of time and hassle, as well as more money in the long run. You will be able to compare and contrast products using a number of criteria such as price, material and durability.

2. Design your own phone case

Several companies allow you to custom-design your phone case for a small fee, which can make unique addition to your smartphone, or can provide the perfect gift for a friend, family member or colleague.

  • You will be able to upload a photo and then turn this into your very own phone case. These covers are compatible with a number of different phones, including smartphones like Android and iPhone devices, as well as older models.

3. Shock resistant phone cases

If you have an expensive device, you might be worried about dropping your phone – especially if you take it with you to work. However, there are a number of shock resistant cases that can be purchased to minimize the risk of damage if you do drop your phone.

  • Manufacturers will create these cases from shock-resistant rubber or plastic, and many products come with heavy duty clips or a steel belt loops.
  • These phone covers are sometimes more durable and effective in protecting your phone when compared to plastic cases, but could work out to be a little bit more expensive. Use third party review websites to research different manufacturers and find the best product for you. These websites include reviews left by people who have purchased a particular phone case in the past, providing you with all the information you need when choosing the suitable case in your circumstances.
  • High-end shock resistant cases can cost upwards of $100, but are extremely effective in protecting your phone.

4. Long-lasting battery and antenna-boosting covers

New technology has seen an increase in the number of covers that can extend battery life – ideal if you use your smartphone for watching movies on the go or browsing the internet. It can often be a nuisance when your battery runs out and you are away from home, but long-lasting battery cases will allow you to double the amount of time till your phone runs out of charge.

  • Other types include those which help to boost the antenna signal on your device, instantly improving your phone signal. This can be beneficial if you need to use your phone in a rural area, or area where you are finding it difficult to get any reception at all. These items range in price and features, but could boost your signal by as much as 40% – so it should be something you might want to consider if you travel around and rely on your device for business.

5. Waterproof cases

If you enjoy using your phone at the beach or swimming pool, you will need to make sure that you don’t damage your phone with excess water. Once it becomes wet, it can short-circuit, which render it being ineffective until you get it repaired.

  • To save you more money in the long run, and to prevent long-lasting damage, you may want to opt for a waterproof case. Like plastic ones, these are available in different designs and styles, and can even protect your phone if it gets wet in heavy rain. Some waterproof cases will even float if you drop your phone in water.
  • Some models will however not allow you to make calls until the case is removed.